Community Volunteer
I  am  a  long-term  resident  of  Solano  County  (31  years),  interested  in  helping  my  community.   I  have  an environmental engineering background that has been useful in interpreting proposed land development plans and projects. Much of my past volunteer efforts have centered on responding to draft environmental impact reports and commenting on proposed developments.
I now am retired and now I am pursuing a variety of activities at levels of participation that were not possible while engaged in my 40 year-long engineering career. These activities, which I group under the heading of Creative  Dreams,  include  involvement  in  the  planning  of  community  developments  and  modifications; world-wide travel opportunities; participation in our church; music; photography and landscaping. The latter undertakings are commonly under my moniker "Lorenzo Burchielli".  I also am an avid hiker and natural areas enthusiast.
My community ties have included being a Board Member and docent of the Solano Land Trust (currently), a past  President of the Green Valley Landowners Association, a Board Member of our church in Napa  (currently), and a volunteer at the Napa Opera House.
My previous engineering activities included the following: Special Consultant/Project Advisor  for  engineering  and  environmental  consultants,  government  entities  and legal counsels as requested.
(Retired 4/10) Director of Environmental Management/Chief Environmental Engineer  for Richmond Sanitary Service, Inc.; West County Landfill, Inc.; West Contra Costa Sanitary Landfill, Inc.; Solano Garbage Company; and Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc. (firms that provide waste and recycling collection, and waste processing and disposal services). I  have  been  active  in  environmental  programs  and  projects  since  1963.   I  have  worked  in  several  State government agencies, consulting companies, and waste management companies.  My specialties include:
•  Planning regional solid waste management systems
•  Evaluating environmental impacts of projects
•  Preparing operations plans and permit applications, closure plans, and providing regulatory agency
•  Inspecting operations for compliance reviews
•  Planning and managing recycling and composting programs
•  Developing public information programs for integrated waste management projects
•  Making project presentations to governmental agencies and organized groups
I have the following degrees:
B.S. Civil Engineering Washington State University
M.S. Environmental Engineering Washington State University
I am a registered Civil Engineer in California