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The GVLA and the GVAC (Green Valley Agricultural Conservancy) officially endorse and support the new Middle Green Valley Specific Plan (MGVSP).
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October 25, 2013


The Green Valley Landowners Association Board of Directors endorses the Middle Green Valley Plan, as it is consistent with GVLA’s mission to maintain & enhance the rural character of Green Valley.  Four Directors participated in the formulation of the plan from its inception, representing the GVLA members and surrounding community of existing homeowners.

The proposed MGV plan permanently preserves over 1,500 acres of open space and agricultural lands that would otherwise be subject to piecemeal, unpredictable subdivision and development.  Without this plan, the remaining 2,000 acres of open space in the Valley will inevitably be progressively divided subdivided, with houses randomly scattered all over all the valleys and hillsides.  Important, viable agricultural areas would be lost forever, as well as scenic views.  Since the MGV Specific Plan is comprehensive - requiring the cooperation of sixteen different landowners participating in a “Trading Development Rights” agreement - large, contiguous areas of land are preserved as open space, natural habitat and active agriculture.  The housing element occurs in three consolidated, neighborhood clusters at the base of the western mountains, oriented to surrounding agriculture and screened from Green Valley Road by trees growing along Green Valley Creek.

To ensure the 1,500 acres of land are never subject to further development, designated open space and agricultural areas will be dedicated into permanent conservation easements.   This provides crucial, long-term protection to the residents of Green Valley who value our cherished rural landscapes.  And, in time, ten miles of walking paths, Town Greens, and a Farm Preserve will be provided for the community’s enjoyment.

Another public benefit generated by the MGVSP is the formation of the Green Valley Agricultural Conservancy.  The GVAC is an independent, non-profit organization charged with providing oversight of the productive agricultural land, pastures, and natural areas to ensure their preservation and sustainability.  The Conservancy is responsible for bringing the “Totally Local” Farmers Market to our Valley, which provides local growers and artisans a platform for selling their produce and wares, and nearby residents easy access to these products.   The Plan is supported universally by GV farmers and winemakers.

The Middle Green Valley Specific Plan is the result of a tremendous public, collaborative effort that occurred over the course of nearly two years by a diverse group of local residents (including GVLA representatives), the Solano County Planning Department, and a world class professional planning firm.  The Plan includes numerous mechanisms to protect & restore active agriculture, habitat, and open space in Middle Green Valley.   The GVLA Board of Directors has concluded that implementation of the Plan will help maintain the treasured rural character of this vital acreage and all of Green Valley.

Note: There is nothing in the proposed MGV project that affects the Lakes Water System, and has no relevance to current issues relating to the cost & reliability of Vallejo Water for Green Valley residents.

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September 7, 2013


The revised “water supply” section of the MGV Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report was issued on August 27, 2013 and is now available for public review. The EIR identifies & describes in detail two potential water sources for serving the proposed project – City of Fairfield municipal water, and local ground water. Substantial  documentation is provided to validate both potential water supply options. The Environmental Impact Report can be found in its entirety at: http://www.co.solano.ca.us/depts/rm/planning/middle_green_valley_specific_plan.asp

Please contact Nancy Nelson at nancyn@gvagconservancy.org with any questions regarding the Middle Green Valley Specific Plan or the Environmental Impact Report.

On September 7, 2013 there was a Solano County Zoning Administrator’s public hearing and review for conformance to the MGV Specific Plan regarding the Prather Ranch Company housing a relatively small number of animals at their new Green Valley Farm Preserve site. The Prather Ranch applicants, Doug Stonebreaker and Mark Keller, and MGV planner Amie MacPhee each made outstanding presentations about their unique biology studies and techniques for their animal housing and animal husbandry methods. The Green Valley Farm Preserve operation in Middle Green Valley was presented as a model for the future of sustainable farm animal operations on small farm sites. Doug and Mark responded in depth to questions from several Eastridge residents and surrounding neighbors. As representatives of GVLA and the Middle Green Valley Citizen’s Committee, Larry Burch and Herb Hughes each spoke in support of the proposal. In short order there was unanimous approval from everyone (about 17 people, including the public, applicants, and various county officials) in attendance. The Use Permit was granted. The Green Valley Farm Preserve is now a very important component for successful Green Valley agriculture operations.


November 2012


Under the 2008 Solano County General Plan

Middle Green Valley was designated as a Special Study Area.  The directive was given to maintain the rural character of the area, while allowing some opportunity for compatible residential development.  To that end, a Citizens Advisory Committee comprised of landowners and neighboring residents that had historically been at odds with one another was assembled to guide the formation of the plan.  After a year and a half of hard work, debate, and compromise, consensus was reached on a Specific Plan for Middle Green Valley that substantially satisfies the concerns of all stakeholders.